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Mini Brew 15 Gallon Plastic Conical


The fermenter ships ready to brew and is our best design for 10 gallon recipes.  Included are a 1″ lead free brass bottom ball valve, 1/2″ lead free brass racking port ball valve, lid, stand plus three 1/2″ screw in plugs. There are two threads in the lid and one below the label for a thermometer. The thermometer is not included. The plastic is a full 5/16″ thick. The fermenter is 44 1/2″ tall x 18 3/4″ wide. Ships in one oversize box. Please see the f15b kits. The kits will save you shipping cost If you need a thermometer, blue gasket or airlock.  Our fermenters are not permeable during the fermentation process.  The conical bottom is a 60 degrees angle as is recommend by the University of California at Davis Brewing School.  This angle helps to set up the optimum convection currents so all grain is converted.  The HDPE plastic is a full 5/16 inch thick.

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