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Dark Star Burner

  • 54,000 BTU output
  • 17" wide, 12" tall
  • Boil 5 gallons in about 15 minutes
  • Supports kettles up to 10 gallons in capacity

This desirably priced torch-style burner and stand makes your brew day easier and shorter, allowing you to do a full-volume boil which improves the quality of your ingredients and finished beer.

You'll be amazed at the heat this 54,000 BTU burner puts out. So much that in our Brew Cave tests, the Dark Star® Burner heated 5 gallons of water from 67°F to boiling in 17 minutes while using only 0.8 lb of propane. The burner's stand has a diameter of 17 inches, stands about 12 inches off the ground and has a built-in wind guard with ignition port for a long-stemmed lighter. It can support a boil kettle up to 10 gallons in capacity.

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