Windsor Bottle Emporium

Jun 8th 2017

Greetings my friends. Today I come bearing good news. Great news even! We are approaching our two year anniversary! If you have been keeping up or come in lately you noticed that we recently expanded the shop and doubled in size. With this new footprint we will be opening up Windsor Bottle Emporium! We are dedicating space in the shop to selling some fun bottles and cans from friends, local, regional and some international breweries. These bottles will be for off premise/to go only. We will be keeping the selection somewhat small and ever changing. This will allow us to always have fresh inventory. Now when you come in to get a recipe or some new equipment you will be able to take a bottle or two home with you. Maybe a classic, an always go to or a new bottle you are excited to try. I can’t wait to help you explore the selection!

I’ve been thinking of opening a bottle shop for the last few years. The timing, finding a space, logistics ect hadn’t lined up. When the space opened up next door and we were able to expand I knew the time was now. All the permits are good to go and the ball is rolling. Expect to see a slow roll out over the next week. By next weekend June 16th (our 2 year anniversary!) we should be in full swing. Thanks so much for your support. I love getting to be a part of your homebrew and craft needs. Cheers to you guys and gals.

As always, onward and upward!