As we are approaching the two year mark I wanted check in quickly and share some good news! The shop has expanded and doubled in size! The neighbors moved out and we were offered the space so we decided to take the plunge. We are now close to 2500 sq feet of pure homebrew bliss. We now have more room for, well, everything! We have brought in new products, more stock of existing products and more room for events. Not to mention there is now some wiggle room for those days when the shop is busy and buzzing.

These last two years have gone by so fast that sometimes I forget to take a step back and take it all in. So I’m doing that now. We are wrapping up construction and shuffling the shop around and I am taking a breather (for a few minutes) I am so impressed with this community that we have built together in such a short time. I am completely humbled by all of the support. It is tough to keep a small shop functioning especially without the help of online sales. Your support of local and independent has not only kept it afloat but we are now expanding and have lots of fun ideas for the future. I can’t thank you enough for your past and future support. Tonight I raise my glass to you. Onward and Upward my Friends!



Northern Brewer and Midwest Supplies Buyout

If you haven’t already heard the news let me break it down for you. Northern Brewer and Midwest Supplies, a couple of the biggest if not the biggest online homebrew outlets have been acquired by AB InBev aka Anheiser Busch. I’ve had a week or so to digest this news and without getting too dramatic [...]

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