Looking back, Looking Forward.

Mar 3rd 2016

My last post was on December 15th 2015. Good grief, that is too long. I told myself I was going to keep up with the blog and here we are at the beginning of March. I apologize. I know you have been waiting on the edge of your seat for a new post. Or you haven’t, but either way I am going to post more often. It is my way of staying connected to you. Okay.

The holiday season hit and the store got busy. real busy. I got swept away with the current and just tried to keep up. The response in December and then rolling over into January and February brings me so much pride and tiredness.lots of tiredness. I am just now coming up for air and taking a step back. The store opened back in June of last year and has been growing ever since. I am really feeling like we are building an amazing community here. Everyone has been so great and positive. I am excited to see where we are headed.

In January we had Julian Shrago from Beachwood BBQ and Brewing here at the shop. He had a wealth of brewing knowledge to share. He also had many many many jokes to share. It was a great and well attended evening.

In February we had Brandon Fender of Good Beer Co talking sours and mixed fermentation. Another well attended event with lots of great info on approaching wild beers as a home brewer.

I am planning more events like this in the coming months so keep your eyes peeled on the social media or sign up on the mailing list.

Thanks for everything you guys. You are the best.