Homebrew Clubs

Dec 4th 2015

Whether you are a long time brewer, beginner or craft enthusiast thinking about diving in to the hobby, homebrew clubs are never a bad idea. In fact I highly recommend it and advocate for them. There is so much to gain from a club at all levels. For beginners it is a great way to meet other brewers who are usually never shy about sharing tips and ideas on how to brew better beer. For long time brewers there is always new things to learn and further your brewing education. By bringing a beer to share and getting feedback you might learn something about your beer you weren’t able to pick out or detect. I have attended many different club meetings over the years and as a whole people are generally really friendly and inviting. A lot of clubs even focus on education at the meetings whether it is a small talk on making yeast starters or best techniques for dry hopping, there is always something to learn. Trust me, if nothing else your co workers who don’t homebrew are tired of hearing you talk about your brewing. Attend a homebrew club meeting and hang out with like minded people!

The AHA has a directory of homebrew clubs on their site. A couple weeks back we had a club called Brew Commune meet here at the shop. They are a web based club that offers a lot of discussion and help with brewing techniques. They meet every other month in Orange County and the locations are always moving around. A club called the OC Mash Ups meets every first Monday of the month at Barley Forge Brewery at 7 pm. I always attend these meetings and think they are a great time. Everyone is really friendly and an added bonus is you get discounts at the tasting room during the meeting. Next meeting is this coming Monday the 7th. I encourage you to attend! Okay sermon over.