An evening with Jeff Duggan of Portola Coffee Lab

Nov 7th 2015

An evening with Jeff Duggan of Portola Coffee Lab:

Next Wednesday November 11th we will have Jeff, owner of Portola Coffee Lab here at the shop discussing the use of coffee in the beer brewing process. It starts at 6:30 and everyone is welcome. Whether you are just a fan of coffee beers or are wanting to dial in your brewing process this shouldn’t be missed!

Not only is Portola Coffee known for their excellent coffee (they won roaster of the year for 2015) they are also known for their many collaborations with local breweries in making coffee beers. Many of which have won awards both locally and nationally with Beachwood BBQ recently winning for their Mocha Machine Coffee Porter at GABF in Denver. The list also includes Mocha Wednesday from The Bruery and Naughty Sauce from Noble Ale Works amongst many others. Jeff works closely with the breweries and specifically roasts different coffee for the different beers. Jeff also travels around the world developing relationships with the farmers who grow the beans while also investing in their process for sustainability. In short, Jeff really knows coffee. He also knows beer as he is an avid home brewer.

Wednesday he is preparing a stout with coffee brewed and prepared a few different ways and added to the same base beer. We will be able to taste the differences each method provides on the stout. This should be a great time and also educational. Hope you can join us!