Online Sales and Shipping

Apr 6th 2016

This isn’t going to be another post explaining why only a fraction of the products in the store are on the website…okay it might just a little.Occasionally I get a call or an email asking about gettin … read more

Looking back, Looking Forward.

Mar 3rd 2016

My last post was on December 15th 2015. Good grief, that is too long. I told myself I was going to keep up with the blog and here we are at the beginning of March. I apologize. I know you have been wa … read more

Orange County Brewers Guild

Dec 16th 2015

Last week I had the privilege of attending a meeting of the newly formed Orange County Brewers Guild. It was both educational and also very exciting to see the development and plans for our local brew … read more

Homebrew Clubs

Dec 4th 2015

Whether you are a long time brewer, beginner or craft enthusiast thinking about diving in to the hobby, homebrew clubs are never a bad idea. In fact I highly recommend it and advocate for them. There … read more


Nov 21st 2015

I have been getting a lot of calls about hours for Thanksgiving. So here ya go. We will be closed Thursday for Thanksgiving so we can sleep in, cook food, drink beer and take naps. Oh and spend time w … read more