Grains, Malt Extracts and Sugars


Email your recipe over ahead of time and we will put it together, have it milled and ready to go. Just let us know if you would like all the grain together or seperate and if you would like it milled. Send it over to for Costa Mesa and for Anaheim.

::The shop can get pretty busy on Fridays and Saturdays. If possible please give us a little more lead time on these days when sending over grain orders::


We stock an extensive list of grains and malt extracts to create your recipe exactly as you want it.  As our online store is still under construction we will include a list of the grains and extracts offered in the store.  If there is something you don't see on this page, we probably have it in the store or will get it for you.  All grains are weighed out in whatever increment you would like and we will also mill them for you at no charge.  Base grains can also be purchased by the bag.  


2-Row $1.20

Chocolate $1.55

Honey Malt $1.60

6-Row $1.20

Chocolate Rye $1.70

Kiln Coffee $1.70

Acidulated $1.85

Chocolate Wheat $1.55

Maris Otter $1.45

Amber $1.60

Corn Sugar $1.70

Melanoidin $1.65

Beechwood Smoked $1.85

Crystal 10 $160

Midnight Wheat $1.80

Belgian Aromatic $1.60

Crystal 15 $1.60

Munich $1.45

Belgian Pils $1.55

Crystal 20 $1.60

Pale Ale $1.25

Biscuit $1.60

Crystal 40 $1.60

Pale Chocolate $1.70

Black Patent $1.60

Crystal 60 $1.60

Peat Smoked $1.90

Brown $1.75

Crystal 80 $1.60

Pilsner $1.25

Cara Malt $1.70

Crystal 90 $1.60

Raw White Wheat $1.40

Cara Munich I $1.55

Crystal 120 $1.60

Red X $ 1.45

Cara Munich II $1.60

Crystal 150 $1.60

Rice $1.85

Cara Munich III $1.60

Crystal Rye $1.95

Rice Hulls $1.40

Cara Red $1.60

Dark Munich $1.45

Roasted Barley $1.60

Cara Vienna $1.65

Flaked Barley $1.70

Rye $1.40

Cara/Crystal Wheat $1.60

Flaked Corn $1.70

Special B $1.60

Carafa I $1.70

Flaked Oats $1.50

Special Roast $1.65

Carafa II $1.70

Flaked Rye $1.60

Spelt $1.80

Carafa III $1.70

Flaked Wheat $1.45

Torrified Wheat $1.85

Carapils $1.60

German Wheat $1.45

Victory $1.60

Carastan $1.60

Golden Naked Oats $2.00

Vienna $1.40

Cherry Smoked $2.45

Golden Promise $1.45

White Wheat $1.45





Grains, Malted Barley and Adjunct   

2-Row                         6-Row              US Pilsen

UK Pale Ale                White Wheat     German Wheat

Munich                      Vienna              Maris Otter

Belgian Pilsen             US Pale Ale        Crystal 10,15,20,40,60,90,120,150L

German Pilsner           Roasted Barley     Chocolate

Black Patent               Honey Malt         Special B

Belg Aromatic            Midnight Wheat   Carapils

Rye                          Cherry Smoked    Special Roast

Victory                     Biscuit                 Carafa I,II,III

Peat Smoked            Beechwood Smoked Melanoidin

Cara MunichI,II,III    Acidulated            Amber

Flaked Corn              Flaked Wheat       Flaked Oats

Flaked Rye               Flaked Barley       Rice Hulls

Caraviena                Golden Promise     Torrified Wheat

Flaked Rice              Spelt                   Raw White Wheat

Brown                     Pale Chocolate      Kiln Coffee

Crystal Rye             Carastan              Cara/Crystal Wheat

Red X              Golden Naked Oats       Chocolate Rye

Pearl Pale 

Malt Extracts:

Dry Malt Extract-We carry Muntons and Briess DME Golden Light, Extra Light, Amber, Wheat, Dark, Pilsen

Liquid Malt Extract-We Carry Muntons, Briess and Coopers Golden Light, Extra Light, Amber, Wheat, Dark, Rye, Maris Otter, Pilsen, Sorghum and Munich


Corn Sugar weighed out in whatever quantity you need or 5 oz packages for bottling

Hard Belgian Candy Sugar 1# in Light or Amber

Belgian Candy Syrups 1# Simplicity, 5L, D45,  D90,  D180  

Full line of Cacade Candi Syrups

Lactose 1#

Malto Dextrin 8 oz

Rice Syrup Solids 1#