Bayou Banjo Propane Burner

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  • 10 inch cast iron burner
  • 16 inch large cooking surface
  • Designed to safely support large cooking pots (up to 80 quart stock pots) 
  • 48 inch LPG rubber hose
  • 30 PSI preset regulator with brass control valve



Bayou Classic’s Banjo Propane Burner has proven to be the most effective, fastest heating propane burner on the market. The Banjo Propane Burner can heat a super large pot to boiling point with ease. We have seen it heat a 100 quart pot in just 15 minutes! This propane burner kicks out the minimum of 210,000 + BTUs which are a result from a combination of the high pressure regulator and large 10 inch cast iron element. This propane burner is absolutely perfect for 10 and 15 Gallon batches.