Advanced Brewing Class - Level 2 - Thursday, July 1st 6:15-9:00pm - Costa Mesa

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Windsor Homebrew Supply Co is now offering Advanced Brewing Classes! These classes are perfect for beginner and advanced homebrewers alike that want to continue their brewing education. There will be three different classes taught in the Advanced Brewing Class series. Below is an overview of the classes:

Level One will cover the finer details of wort production. Topics will include multi-step and decoction mashing, basic water chemistry, three-vessel brewing systems, hop utilization, and recipe development. During this class, we will be brewing a beer to display the practices being talked about in class. This beer will be fermented in the shop, and will be packaged during the following Level Two course.

Level Two will cover fermentation and packaging processes. Topics will include dry-hopping, yeast management, closed transfers, bottle conditioning, kegging your beer, and draft system basics. During this class, we will be kegging and bottle conditioning the fermented beer that was brewed in the previous Level One course.

Level Three will be a rotating curriculum where we dive into a particular style or category of beer. During the class we will be brewing a beer of that style, as well as covering the history, traditional brewing process, and traditional as well as modern recipes of that style. Each class will be different! Potential styles covered can be sour and wild beers, high-gravity stouts and barleywines, hazy IPAs, or even traditional German lagerbier.


All advanced classes are taught exclusively at our Costa Mesa location!


Meet the Teacher:

Our Advanced Brewing classes will be taught by Windsor's very own Alex Perez. Alex is a graduate of the UCSD Brewing Program and is a Certified Cicerone™. He has also brewed at Green Cheek Beer Co and Lost Winds Brewing Co. 

"I'm super excited to meet all of you, and I'm happy to share my brewing knowledge to help you make the best beer you can. Cheers!"

- Alex Perez