Just a little bit about us:

We are a family run and operated shop. You can rest assured that when you come in you are truly supporting local. Things started with well, me, Scott Windsor. I went to school for music business, lived in the music industry for a while and finally fell into the wonderful world of beer. 

 After being in the homebrew industry for around six years in the midwest, my wonderful wife and I moved back out to our old stomping grounds in Orange County and opened up shop in Costa Mesa. 2 years later we added on a specialty bottle shop. 5 years later we opened up a second location in Anaheim. 

At Windsor Homebrew Supply Co we have a few priorities that we take very seriously. First and foremost I want to make sure you have a good experience in the shop. I will do my absolute best to make sure you feel comfortable asking questions whether you are just getting into the hobby or a long time brewer.  We are a small shop but we do our best to make sure it is stocked with everything you would ever need for brewing. Whether that is hard to find hops, a limited grain or yeast and all those shiny new pieces of homebrew equipment. We also try and keep our prices very fair while sustaining ourselves for long term growth. 

 And though the word is a little trite we also strive to create a community around the shop. Whether that be our brewing classes we teach, the meet the brewer events we host, cultivating the local homebrew clubs and working with all the local breweries. We want to promote the health of our local beer scene.  

This shop is highly focused on supporting our local community and because of that we don’t do any online sales or shipping. Clink the link for a previous blog post on the matter. Blog

Since we don't do any online sales this website doesn't even scratch the surface of all the products we have in the physical shop. I have tried to add a bunch to give you an idea of what the shop is like. I will continue to add more products as time permits.

I won’t bore you with anymore jibber jabber.  I encourage you to come in and say hello. We would love to have you in the shop.







Thanks for supporting your local "Mom and Pop" 


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