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15 Gallon Mash Tun


The MiniMash Lauter Tun is designed from the ground up for brewers. It is not a converted water jug or picnic cooler. It will last longer than GOTT or any converted cooler on the market. The Deluxe Sparge Arm (sa12) is now included with your purchase of the Deluxe Mash Lauter Tun (mt15b).

The MiniMash Lauter Tun is a round, 15 gallon tank will hold up to 35 lbs of grain. Tank is 21 3/4″ tall by 15″ in diameter. 3/32″ screen holes are ideal for a good filter bed. 5/16″ thick walls provide mass for strength and good insulation. Transfers BTUs 100,000 times slower than stainless steel based on BTU transfer rate high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Sometimes a blanket or neoprene for insulation is needed in colder climates.

False Bottom. The true bottom is 12 1/4 inches in diameter and 1 3/4 inches deep. The size difference of the tank above forms a ledge inside. A stainless steel bolt is threaded through a center leg with a wing nut and washer to seal the screen in place tight against this ledge and the ledge. The flat screen is ideal for lautering and helps to prevent channeling. Brewers over the years use flat false bottoms. Our flat false bottom will not sag or allow grain to pass into the true bottom. The top of the bolt is an ideal depth measurement for stirring. Now it is easy to stir the grain without disturbing the filter bed.


Add on a 3" dial thermometer for $22.50


Product Description

The thermometer threads are strategically located just above the false bottom for easy and accurate monitoring. Thermometer is sold separately.

Sight Glass. This design perfection is to assist in balancing the vacuum created when hot liquor flows out. The sight glass will help you prevent channeling. When you know the liquid level you will know how recirculating (RIMs) is progressing or when to add hot liquor. With the MiniMash, the variables of mashing are under your control.  By the way if the sight glass is not for you take it off and plug the threads with two 1/2 half inch plugs.

Extra Threads. Two extra 1/2″ threads have been added to the back of the MiniMash. One at the top and one at the bottom below the screen for RIMs or any other creative ideas you may have. The top thread allows you to bypass the sparge head directly into the top of the grain bed. The extra lower thread can be used for specific gravity and pH testing.

Partial Grain Brewers. Extract brewers can add a little specialty grain and flavor with the MiniMash Lauter Tun.

Recipe Size. Designed for both 5 and 10 gallon recipe size brewers.

Making Extract.  Why buy concentrated wort when you can take the next step and make your own.  The choice represents more opportunities for great tastes and fun. The MiniMash Lauter Tun was designed and developed by brewers concerned about efficiency, taste and repeatability.

Our HDPE plastic as used in our fermenters and mash tun is not permeable.

Ships Ready to Mash. Just clean, warm, start your mash – sparge when ready – enjoy the new flavors and challenge.

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